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ndhgo is an AI-powered SaaS no-code eCommerce platform offering Enterprise level services, for all businesses large or small. It is committed to making phygital a reality for retailers across all sectors. Launched with over 10,000+ D2C brands successfully running their business on the platform, ndhgo is one of the early adopters of ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) which promotes open networks for all aspects of exchange of goods and services over digital or electronic networks. ndhgo exists to help brands & businesses grow their online presence with zero focus on technology and a complete focus on their core business.  With a mission to empower local economies and give universal access to eCommerce technology for all, ndhgo’s community edition helps everyone to get a beautiful professional website for free. India’s first eCommerce platform to build an ecosystem for every company providing products and services, ndhgo is the simplest platform in terms of ease of use.

To reduce the dependency on aggregator business and promote social commerce, ndhgo’s launch in the market not only guarantees absolute seller control and distinguished brand identity but also brings efficiency to the game by delivering a fully functional eCommerce platform with an extensive list of custom themes in a day. With the open API architecture offering extensive integration abilities, ndhgo’s dedicated team and state-of-the-art infrastructure has collated all the eCommerce needs under one umbrella, thus offering a 360-degree approach.

While online commerce continued to dominate the retail space, cataloging has always been a challenge for every SaaS eCommerce platform. ndhgo’s AI Catalog engine comes in to offer an ever-increasing chain of pre-added products for all sectors of businesses. Currently, this AI-based Catalogue Builder has over 150,000+ products at its disposal. Playing a key role in driving growth for local businesses, ndhgo helps in bridging the digital divide between the organized and unorganized market, offering a level playing field to businesses across the scale.

To know more, visit: www.ndhgo.com