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ASIAN Roundtable Dialogue
12:45 13:00


Dry run and Registration

13:00 13:03

Welcome Address and Speakers Introduction

Welcome address and speakers introduction by Economic Times (Ms Ruchika Singh, Director- Business Communities & Project Director – ETILC)

13:03 13:10

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks and context setting

13:10 14:10

Brief Introduction and Perspectives Sharing

Brief introduction and perspectives sharing by each speaker, around the below points
– Impact of Covid 19 and each country’s economic recovery
– New business opportunities(& challenges) in their respective sectors
– Industry strengths, investment opportunities, manufacturing & supply chain capabilities
– Relaxation in trade policies
– Inputs on charting out a roadmap for boosting regional trade collaborations

14:10 14:25

Q& A, Conclusive notes and Closing remarks

Q& A, Conclusive notes and Closing remarks


Thank you & Close

Thank you & Close

Conference Day 1

Friday, 11 December
15:00 15:15



15:15 15:20

Welcome Address

Welcome Address by The Times of India Group

15:20 15:25

Keynote Address

The Bridge – Deepening trade ties between India and The Globe

15:30 15:50

Keynote Address

Resurgence – Rebooting the Global Economy, Responsibly

15:55 16:10

Keynote Address

Enabling Growth: The Opportunity Beyond Borders

16:15 16:30

In Conversation

Walking the path of Sustainability, leading to Economic Development

16:35 17:25

Thought Leaders Panel Discussion

One Planet, One business – Building towards a Sustainable Future

17:30 17:50

Keynote Address

Commitment towards a Sustainable NEW DAY

17:50 18:10

In Conversation

Fostering sustainable economic growth in Manufacturing Industry

18:15 18:35

In Conversation

Leading, inspiring and driving transformative changes in these challenging times

18:40 19:00

In Conversation

The Wellness Revolution in Light of the Pandemic

19:05 19:25

Keynote Address

Continued economic growth and development in a post-COVID and increasingly volatile & uncertain policies and political environment

19:30 19:40

Keynote Address

Agtech leading the way to more sustainable agriculture

19:40 19:45

Concluding Remarks

Closing Remarks

Conference Day 2

Saturday, 24 November

Conference Day 3

Sunday, 25 November