Founding Partner Visceral Zeno; Chairwoman, WICCI’s India-EU Business Council, Chief India Representative, Sweden-India Business Council

Stockholm to Mumbai! Cecilia Oldne is a Swedish investor and entrepreneur, based in Mumbai since 2007.

She has played a significant role in sparking the Indian Wine Revolution, placing India on the world wine map. She has been instrumental in the Sula Vineyards success story – India’s largest wine producer with over 50% market share, exporting worldwide. Sula is one of the world’s most visited wineries. She is today a shareholder in Sula.

Cecilia is a Founding Partner in Visceral Zeno – investing in India’s 3D ecosystem. Visceral Zeno is focused on India’s 3D ecosystem, spanning games, experiences, gamefi, developers, creators, tools and platforms that are building for the next visceral version of the world’s internet and the metaverse.

She is Sweden-India Business Council’s Chief India Representative. SIBC is one of the world’s most active country to country networks & the first choice network in the Sweden & India business corridor. SIBC is also the secretary for Sweden India Business Leaders’ Roundtable (ISBLRT), co-chaired by Marcus Wallenberg & Baba Kalyani. She also heads up Sweden India Tech Community (SITEC).

Cecilia is WICCI’s EU-India Business Council’s Chairwoman. This organization spearheaded by Ada Dyndo aims to inspire, connect, and empower women who are strengthening the India-EU business corridor.

She is also Amphora Portfolio Management’s Managing Partner in Asia & The Nordics. Amphora is a London based leading fine wine investment firm & a team of fine wine experts with financial markets backgrounds. With her team, she builds & manages bespoke fine wine portfolios for collectors, investors & wine enthusiasts.

Cecilia is a Founding Advisory Board Member at Girls Club Capital having its HQ in New York City. With GCC’s Israeli founder Ashmoret Mishal, she advices, mentors & connects female entrepreneurs with the right people.

Cecilia is an Angel Investor with focus on Tech and AI. Some investment of hers worth mentioning are in GetMega, Nothing and BigThinx.

She is a Fashion Revolution Ambassador – working towards a safer, fairer & more transparent clothing industry with positive outcomes for both people & the planet.

Known for being a “culture architect”, she has been instrumental in the opening of Soho House Mumbai – Asia’s first house.

Cecilia is addition building a global and inclusive community in AI and Robotics around ARTPARK – AI, Robotics and Tech Park at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru.

She founded Asian Wine Producers Association, to support Asian wineries in their set up & growth.

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