President, Indian Economic Trade Organization

Dr Asif Iqbal is the President of the Indian Economic Trade Organisation (IETO). An architect by profession, Dr Iqbal travels with various customised delegations to bridge the gap between Industry and the Academia. He has served as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Suriname. Asif Iqbal has been bestowed by a Doctorate from the University of Jerusalem in Social Behaviour Management and is a Keynote speaker at various Academic conferences and International summits including the World Economic Forum, Caspian Week, India Africa forum, Summit of Minds and the Paris Peace Forum.

Mr. Iqbal is responsible for advising various international clients that need to make key decisions that involve a huge diversity of issues: from budgetary choices, to communication ones; from organizational engineering to productivity issues. He has the experience of dealing with a broad range of stakeholders, both at the internal and external “fronts”: donors, policy makers, media, private sector and the Industry. Having the right balance between academic knowledge and management capacities, He has the skills that are most appropriate for leading an international think tank.

Dr Asif Iqbal commenced as a Director General of the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and has been leading from the top and organizing think tank dialogues called TAB (Transcending Arabian Borders) A dialogue that brings in together all top businessmen from Arab nations. He also heads the advisory committee of the Chamber for the “Annual Asian Arab Awards” that is held annually and that brings in achievers both the continents of Asian and Arab World. Dr Asif Iqbal plays a diversified role to include import and export of various products from Europe and Arab World. These are niche products that have a absorption gap between various countries like Bocelli Italian wines, Bulgarian Rakia, Israeli wines into India. The Chamber soon expanded to Qatar, Morocco, UAE, Tunisia, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Nepal, Israel Bangladesh and Sri Lanka with honorary country directors reporting to him.

Dr Asif visited Israel along with the Chief Minister of Karnataka State and the Agriculture Minister and the Members of Legislative assembly. During this time, they signed MOUs with various stakeholders and consultants in Milk Industry, Livestock and Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture. He led a few other delegations to Israel in Defense, Cybersecurity and AgroPark in collaboration with Favorich Food park in Israel. Dr Asif was a part of the delegation along with Mr. Sunil Mittal, Shobana Kamineni, Prakash Hinduja, Naushad Forbes, Ram Madhav and a host of other Indian business CEO’s.