Adjunct Professor, ICT, Mumbai

Dr. Habbu 

  • Was a Senior Scientist at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL, Pune)
  • He then joined Reliance and served in various Technical and Research & Technology functions of its Polyester Division.


Presently, Dr. Habbu is

  • an Adjunct Professor at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai
  • a teacher of Polymer Science and is an examiner for PhD. at various other Universities
  • associated with various BIS, FSSAI, Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission and expert group of the Maharashtra Govt’s task force on plastics
  • on the Board of Editors of three journals on plastics and packaging
  • a consultant on Sustainability & Circular Economy at the Petrochemicals Sector of Reliance
  • Technical Advisor at PACE (PET packaging Association for Clean Environment).