Director of Research and Accountability, G7 and G20 Research Groups, University of Toronto, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

Ella Kokotsis is the Director of Accountability for the G7 and G20 Research Groups at the University of Toronto. An expert on summit compliance and accountability, Ella has attended most G7 and G20 summits since 1994, has consulted broadly on various aspects of summitry and global governance, has directed the research and publication of numerous analytical documents, and has spoken extensively at summit-related conferences worldwide. Her scholarly methodology for assessing summit monitoring and compliance continues to serve as the basis for the annual accountability reports produced by the G7, G20 and BRICS Research Groups.

Ella is the author of Keeping International Commitments: Compliance, Credibility and the G7 and co-author of The Global Governance of Climate Change and Reconfiguring the Global Governance of Climate Change. Ella holds a PhD in international politics from the University of Toronto.

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