Founder & CEO, Ampersand

Josh Whale is Co-Founder and CEO of Ampersand. Josh saw “An Inconvenient Truth” when he was young and impressionable: Shortly before graduating from University back home in New Zealand. Climate Change became a defining focus for Josh. But first he had to pay off his student loan, so he used his law degree and Chinese language experience to work as an intellectual property lawyer for international companies in China for 5 years. During Josh’s years in China he saw how low-cost electric 2&3 Wheelers had become ubiquitous, and realised that clean mobility should be even more a story of the global south as the global north. Josh also realised that rapidly falling battery prices could mean that mass-market EVs would become viable without the traditional staged automotive R&D pathway from sports car to premium to mass market. Josh found his lowest-hanging fruit in the tens of millions of commercial taxi and delivery motorcycles operating in Sub-Saharan Africa that make up half of all vehicle traffic on most of the continent, and who each spend more on fuel each year than the price of a new motorcycle.