Co-Founder and CTO, Zepto

Kaivalya Vohra is the Co-Founder and CTO of Zepto, India’s fastest-growing e-grocery company revolutionizing how India shops for groceries online. With a background in coding and a belief in the importance of going deep into one’s expertise to solve real-world problems, he co-founded Zepto (former Kiranakart) with his friend and
collegemate Aadit Palicha in 2021. From KiranaKart to Zepto, Kaivalya has been instrumental in building a product that’s efficient and seamless.
In his current role, Kaivalya leads the tech operations at Zepto and is responsible for shaping the business strategy. Right from the design and development of the app, to setting up the system architecture, building partnerships, and
enabling teams with an efficient infrastructure, his efforts are helping the company address various business challenges and opportunities through technology. Additionally, he oversees Zepto’s security systems, operational integrity, system support, and maintenance.
Kaivalya is a Computer Science drop-out from Stanford University, USA, and a Y-Combinator Alum..