Managing Director, ACG

Passionate about converting ideas into growth opportunities, Karan takes a keen interest in entrepreneurial visions that solve real world challenges in healthcare and wellness. From integrating new -age technology, product engineering and acquiring core expertise in the sector, he has spearheaded ACG’s growth into an innovative solutions provider.

His Corporate Purpose: ACG’s Global Ascent

Absolutely committed to building a healthy world, Karan envisages ACG as a future ready partner to the pharma industry, helping them produce better quality and safer medicines. His ardent belief in the transformative impact of technology has seen ACG at the forefront of innovation, clocking in several industry- first solutions such as Vegetarian capsules, technology adoption through Value Links, Liquid-filled capsules for nutraceuticals industry and several global patents, and has set new benchmarks in pharma manufacturing.

Under his tutelage, ACG has grown from its modest roots in India into a transnational company, serving over several global customers across 100 countries with its own facilities and teams spread across Asia, Europe, Americas and Australia.

His passions and interests:

Karan is driven by his passion for fitness, wellness and sports and brings the lessons in teamwork, effective communication and competitive spirit as point-guard on the basketball court to work. Combining these lessons with a never-give-up attitude has seen him being recognized several times as a under 40 business leader and role model.

His love for basketball has translated into his active support for the NBA’s entry into India and the promotion of ‘NBA Jump start’, a grassroot level programme that builds a nurturing ecosystem for future sports-starts from India.

Key awards and endorsements:

  • ET 40 under 40 in 2019 – Leading entrepreneur and business leader

Academic qualifications:

Karan holds a Bachelorette from the University of Michigan, USA and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He lives with his wife and children in Mumbai. In his free time, he likes to play video games and sweating it out on the basketball court.