Founder, CEO and MD Coolcasc, S.L., VP Afydad, Spanish Sports Association

Mar Piere is the founder and CEO of COOLCASC, S.L., brand #1 in helmet covers. As entrepreneur she patented her invention, created her company and the brand COOLCASC® in 2007, which is nowadays commercialized in more than 30 countries.

Mar studied business and economics and started her career in sports as product manager at HELLA, S.A as responsible for the Spanish market, of the well-known brands THULE, RECARO and STAHL.

On April 2018 she was named VP of Afydad, Spanish Sports Industry Association, and she committed to promote the sports industry in Spain in a project including not only sports, but also tourism, health, and nutrition under the brand SPAIN is SPORT. Last year, on 2022, she was reelected as VP for the following 4 years, until 2026.

She has recently begun to take an interest in the art market, combining her acknowledge of the digital world and the e-commerce, and applying it to a new art project.

Mother of three children, she balances work and family. She is a good skier and sports lover.

Passionate about nature, and concerned about the environment, she tries to incorporate sustainability into her business vision and projects, keeping always in mind the SDG’s.