Managing Director, Hickinbotham Group

Michael Hickinbotham is Managing Director of the Hickinbotham Group, one of South Australia’s most successful and diversified companies spanning construction, development, premium spirits, finance and biotechnology.

The Hickinbotham Group is a third-generation family business located in the Australian state of South Australia. Under Michael’s leadership the Group builds one in every four homes in greater Adelaide and currently has more than $2 billion in significant developments. It has been South Australia’s largest home builder for 20 years and is the 10th largest builder nationally. Earlier this year Michael received the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) most prestigious honour, the 2022 Sir Phillip Lynch Award of Excellence.

The award recognises individuals who have provided innovative and valuable contributions to the housing industry and who demonstrate unfailing integrity and an exemplary attitude of excellence. Outside the building company, Michael has entrepreneurial, philanthropic and investment interests. He is passionate about Australia including his home state of South Australia and improving the lives of Australians.
Drawing on his grandfather’s legacy in the science of wine and spirits, Michael has also founded Australian Distilling Company, a premium craft spirits distillery that is winning awards internationally and pays homage to the flavours and essence of Australian cities and regions.

Michael is also committed to the advancement of medical research as a major investor in Australian life sciences company, Sementis, dedicated to the development of safe and effective vaccines for a large number of diseases and conditions including pandemic and bio-terror threats. Sementis is conducting important scientific work for the future benefit of mankind. Michael is a strong and quiet supporter of local charities, community groups, sporting teams and the arts. He has made significant contributions to the University of Adelaide and local schools, including for scholarships.