Founder, Spandan ECG

Rajat jain is an incubation manager turned social entrepreneur, coming from a very humble background, born and bought up in a small remote village in Uttar-Pradesh. After getting an engineering degree, he started Sunfox Technologies in Dehradun with the aim to build frugal medical devices which will help people in real life threatening situations at the grass-root level. He has been also appreciated by Honble Prime minister of India for his innovation Spandan-which is a matchbox size tool to diagnose heart attacks on smartphone for less cost than a cup of tea. He was one of the few startups to get all 5 shark deal on shark tank India season-1.

Building Sunfox, a Medtech R&D lab, focused to develop portable, affordable, minimalistic and frugal medical devices for Cardiac Health, that can create an impact on the last mile users. Building Sunfox with a vision to impact the next billion people with accessible healthcare solutions which can save lives anytime anywhere. Emerging as the frugal and lean hardware technologies company to bring the high end technologies to a common man’s pocket with ease. We believe in democratization of primary healthcare and monitoring solutions.

Our addressable domain is to prevent the life-threatening stages in patients at the remotest locations by early monitoring cost-effectively with most simple devices. We are trying to bridge the gap between the available monitoring equipment in the emergency and last-mile doctors, availability of digital equipment to bridge the routine monitoring gap, telehealth hardware devices needs to fill this gap at clinics.