Founder & CEO, Solutum

Sharon Barak is the Founder and CTO of Solutum. Her vision is to establish a company with a significant impact in dealing with one of the world’s major challenges – plastic pollution. Looking to solve this problem that’s been growing for decades, Solutum has developed a unique compound that replaces single-use plastic products with a strong & durable, and eco-friendly solution.

Sharon is an experienced chemical engineer and manager with 15 years in R&D, including a global leader company that develops and manufactures high-quality additives for the plastics industry. When Sharon worked there, she learned about the plastic world and the environmental problems caused by the end-of-life of plastic products. So, she decided to dedicate her life to finding a solution

Sharon has a BSc in Chemical engineering from Ben Gurion University and an MBA graduate from Tel-Aviv University. For five years, she mentored the global business standing (GBS) course working with students and sharing her knowledge and experience.