President & Chief Executive Officer, Medix Global

As President and CEO of Medix Global, Sigal is very passionate and committed to ensure Medix offers people around the world innovative and advanced medical management solutions, that really make a difference in their lives.

Her key mission is to improve the way healthcare is provided and consumed globally: ensure accessibility, implementation, and sustainability of quality care, anytime, anywhere, thus flattening the inequality of care curve.

Since the launch of Medix in 2006, Sigal has worked tirelessly to fulfil this promise. Today, it has millions of customers spread across more than 90 countries with around 300 doctors and 5000 specialists in over 2,000 hospitals.

Born and raised in Belgium Sigal pursued her academic studies in Economics and Law in Switzerland. Prior to founding Medix, she held diverse management roles in the finance and investment sector. including, as Head of the Global Institutional Investments Division at Ofek Securities & Investments; as Head of the International Trading & Investments Division at FIBI, a Safra Bank. She was also the Head of the Private Banking Division at UMB, managing a portfolio of over US$4 billion.