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CEO and Founder, Talent Vouch

Sudhakar Adapa is a first-generation entrepreneur who started in the field of entertainment marketing with his company AdInfusion.

AdInfusion is one of India’s earliest entertainment marketing companies and worked with blue chip advertising clients like Unilever, P&G, Coke etc.

Sudhakar went on to found companies in the Human Resource domain in recruitment, assessment. Himentor is a fresher hiring company founded by Sudhakar. He founded Talent Vouch which is first of its kind company which leverages crowdsourcing in recruitment. Talent Vouch has been launched in North America and made a mark in the US market and soon launching in the Europe.

He is a thought leader on topics like Entrepreneurship & Human Resources. He is a passionate advocate in topics like job creation and importance of state-private partnership in skilling.