CEO, GoQii

From being known as the father of the Indian gaming industry, Vishal Gondal is now a pioneer in the Health Metaverse space. His passion for technology, fitness and gaming, led him to start GOQii, which is focused on preventive healthcare. GOQii helps people make a positive change towards a healthier lifestyle and be a force of good. Now, GOQii will be a combination of Preventive healthcare + gaming + Metaverse in 3D. Vishal believes that the Metaverse will combine the two worlds, making living healthy in the real world more fun and super rewarding. He sold his first entrepreneurial venture, India Games, to Walt Disney. He was listed among the top 50 executives in the mobile content space by the UK-based ‘Mobile Entertainment’ Magazine alongside noted people like Steve Jobs. A notable Angel Investor, he has brought his knowledge and love for interviewing people to a whole new platform by hosting a podcast series ‘Beneath the Force: The Vishal Gondal Show’. On the show, he converses with personalities from various walks of life, providing a sneak peek into their fascinating lives. Vishal is also a fitness enthusiast, runs marathons, goes on treks and also enjoys skydiving.